Why Are Bankruptcy Filings Down? The Economy is So Bad People Can’t Even Afford to File Bankruptcy

Is it too late to file bankruptcy in New York if I already have a judgment against me?
April 16, 2013
What is It Like to Go To Bankruptcy Court in New York?
April 30, 2013
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Bankruptcy filings are down 30% over the last three years according to Bankruptcy Court statistics.  Why?  Because the economy is getting better?  Not by a long shot.  Things are simply so bad that financially struggling individuals don’t have the money to file bankruptcy.

If you can barely afford to pay for food and rent, how can you afford to file bankruptcy?

It doesn’t help that many attorneys charge $1,700 or more.  In addition to legal fees, the court filing fee, the credit counseling fee, the debtor education fee and other court costs can further add as much as $400.

Our office charges one flat fee for everything: $1,380.

You can hire us for a small deposit – even $50.  We give our clients time to pay.  Generally, we ask our clients to pay within six months, but we often give up to one year to pay.

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