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The Benefits of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start by eliminating the legal requirement to pay your debts and stopping creditors from harassing you.

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Bankruptcy law protects you and many of your possessions. At Charles Juntikka & Associates, we will help you understand all the ways the law protects you.

What Debts
Can Be Eliminated?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate most debts, including credit card debt, bank loans, medical bills, pay-day loans, and old utility bills.

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Recognized as a leader in the fight for bankruptcy protections, Charles Juntikka has been quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and featured in CBS News and CNN reports on bankruptcy..

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The New York Bankruptcy Lawyers at Charles Juntikka & Associates, are well known for the spirit with which they represent their clients. Mr. Juntikka, along with his associate attorneys and staff enjoy using New York Bankruptcy law to eliminate their clients’ debts and to help them get a “fresh start.” They also advise and counsel their clients on how to rebuild their credit after bankruptcy. The staff at Mr. Juntikka’s firm derives real satisfaction from protecting financially pressed individuals in New York City that are being taken advantage of by high interest credit card companies and predatory lenders.


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