How Much Does a NYC Bankruptcy Cost?

How do I Qualify For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

We charge one flat fee that covers all your costs: $1,600. You pay nothing else.  We pay all court costs. This fee includes the preparation and filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and an attorney to appear with you at the required Chapter 7 bankruptcy hearing.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, you can hire us with a deposit as low as $50 to begin your case. You can pay us on your own schedule – whenever you can afford to make a payment. Generally, we would like to pay within six months, but we often give clients up to one year to pay.  After you leave a deposit, you refer all your creditor harassment to us so we can inform your creditors that you intend to file bankruptcy. We finish your case when you finish payment.

Does this price include the court fee, the credit counseling fee and the education fee?

The $1,600 includes everything. When you file bankruptcy you have to pay a $338 filing fee and a $40 credit counseling fee and a $40 debtor education fee.

Does it cost more if married couples want to file bankruptcy jointly for both the husband and the wife?

If you are filing as married couple, there is an extra $400 fee.