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Charles Juntikka’s Battle With The Banks To Fix Credit Reports For People Who Filed Bankruptcy


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Charles Juntikka Featured Expert On Subprime Auto Loans

NY Times

Banks and private equity firms searching for high-yield investments have fueled a boom in subprime auto loans to buyers who can’t afford them, including those who recently filed for bankruptcy.  Watch this New York Times video featuring Charles Juntikka.


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Bankruptcy Attorney Charles Juntikka Alleges That New York Banks Are Illegally Freezing Their Customers€™ Checking Accounts In Class Action 7/1/2013

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Successfully Fighting to Improve New York State’s Bankruptcy Protections

In December of 2010, Charles Juntikka helped successfully organize a coalition of law professors, consumer and good government groups, and bankruptcy attorneys to the fight to improve New York State’s bankruptcy protections. A key element of the success was a Christmas Eve week press conference in Albany that featured several of Mr. Juntikka’s bankruptcy clients.  The New York Times, Public Radio, NBC Albany, and other news outlests all covered this lobbying effort:

Public Radio Coverage of the Albany Press Conference Supporting Improved Bankruptcy Protections

NBC Local Albany News Story on the Albany Press Conference Supporting Improved Bankruptcy Protections

Albany Times Union Story on the Press Conference and Possible Veto of the Bankruptcy Bill by the Governor

NY Times Editorial Lauding the Governor’s Signing of the Bankruptcy Bill

After the Governor signed the bill, we received a number of emails from the team who made sure the bill became law:

● Blair Horner, head of NYPIRG, the main good government group in NYS:  “If you hadn’t pushed, it would have been vetoed. Great job.”

● Russ Haven, our partner in this effort at NYPIRG, in response to our email thanking him: “Thanks, you’re very kind.  This certainly wouldn’t have happened without your leadership and constant pushing on every lever. Until we did the news conference I was operating on an abstract basis.  When you hear the victims’ stories it makes everything different.  This really unfolded perfectly in many ways.”

● Professor Alan Resnick of Hofstra Law School: “I want to congratulate and thank you for taking the lead on this. You should feel gratified by the result, which will touch the lives of many financially troubled individuals and their families.”

● New York Time’s editorial writer, David Firestone, in response to our email about the editorial: “Thanks for your note, Charles, but it sounds like the fine work you guys did had far more effect than our phone calls. Either way, very glad it got done. Congratulations” 

● Kirsten O’Keefe, the head of the premier consumer rights group in Albany: “I attribute 99% of our success to you, personally.”

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