Credit Card Debt

Credit card companies lend money to financially struggling families in the hope that they will borrow too much. As soon as the debt becomes too high, the same credit card companies raise the interest rate so high that it takes years for these families to pay off the debt. This enriches the credit card companies and helps to destroy the finances of many consumers.

Many consumers wait far too long before seeking bankruptcy protection. People deplete their savings and sometimes even use their unemployment checks to try to pay back their “high interest” credit cards. Only after years of suffering, do they seek for help on dealing with their financial situation.

This suffering is unnecessary because a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can give people a fresh start and completely wipe out their debts.

Individuals can rebuild their credit immediately after bankruptcy. Some of our clients get mortgages two years after their bankruptcies were over. If you know anyone who needs our help, please tell them to give us a call at (212) 315-3755.