Do I Have to Go to a Class to File for Bankruptcy in New York?

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May 29, 2013
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Clients often tell me that they heard from a friend that you have to go to a class before you file for bankruptcy.

When people hear that they have to go to a “class” – they think that they are going to have to go to a school and listen to a teacher teach a course.  This is a common misconception.

You do have to finish two courses or “classes,” but these courses are done on the internet or over the phone.  They are never in person – at least not if you hire our office.  Basically, you need to review some simple credit counseling and educational material.  This material is designed to evaluate your financial condition and give you some help in trying to manage your budget.  All of this can be done on the internet or over the phone.

There are two classes: credit counseling and debtor education.  If you are filing bankruptcy with our office, we will give you instructions on where and how to take theses two courses.  The fees for these classes are included in the total fee we charge you so there is no extra charge for them.