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It seems like every year banks come up with new ways to nickel and dime their customers. Between various banking fees and ATM fees, the individual charges may seem small but altogether, these charges can add up. No one should have to pay for basic banking services. This is especially true because these services cost the banks virtually nothing.

Of course, just about all of the banks say they have “free” checking. But, the checking is almost never free. For example, Citibank gives you a free checking account only if you keep a minimum balance of $1,500! And most banks have these minimum balance requirements.

It bothered me to see my clients being charged all of these fees so I decided to see if there were any banks in New York City that really had free checking. After looking hard and long, I found one!

Amalgamated Bank
14 Branches in New York City
248 ATM’s Located Throughout The City

This Union owned bank has no minimum balance requirement. None. You can have $1 in your checking or savings account and have no maintenance charges. Zero.

Amalgamated Bank also charges only $1.50 for using an “out of network” ATM for cash withdrawals. This is not bad since many banks charge more. For example, Bank of America charges $2.50. But, there really is no reason to use an “out of network” ATM since Amalgamated Bank has free “in-network” ATM’s all over New York City. You can find all 248 free ATM locations on the internet at:

I highly recommend Amalgamated Bank because they genuinely care for working people. The New York Times even wrote a story about how – unlike most banks – they treat their customers fairly:

I hope you are finding these consumer alerts to be useful.

And, as always, if you know someone who is struggling with overdue debts, please have them call us for a free bankruptcy consultation at 212.315.3755.


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